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Dawn of a New Era


The Pearls of Vision Foundation, Inc. is named after a determined and steadfast group of 20 Alpha Kappa Alpha women who saw the need to further expand the reach of the sorority into the South Fulton communities of Hapeville and neighboring cities. Formed in July 1999, their goal was to cultivate programs and service projects that would support the underserved residents of these areas while upholding the international programs of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 

By 2001, the Pearls of Vision Interest Group had grown to 33 members whose dream was realized when the leadership of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated granted them a chapter charter on January 20, 2001. They were chartered as the Phi Tau Omega Chapter, thus becoming the first Greek-letter organization founded in the city of Hapeville, Georgia.  

​Fifteen years later, Pearls of Vision Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization, was incorporated as the philanthropic arm of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Incorporated, Phi Tau Omega Chapter, to broaden Phi Tau Omega’s community outreach by strengthening its ability to provide resources that benefit South Fulton communities of Hapeville and neighboring cities.  The Foundation serves these communities through a wide range of civic and social programs, including, but not limited to, community partnerships with the City of Union City, the Alzheimer’s Service Center, and family strengthening events with local park and recreation centers.

A Message from Our President

President Sonya Johnson Clark


On behalf of the Pearls of Vision Foundation, Inc., I greet you in service and unity as we stand hand in hand to unveil hope in our communities through education and community service.

We have overcome many challenges in the past couple of years, but together we persevered and were still able to give out thousands of dollars in scholarships, providing a vision of hope for our future leaders.  There is power in unity and love, which conquer all.  Our members have stood together to make a difference and will continue to do so.  In the words of our immediate past president, the late Tina S. Braboy, "Many hands make light work."  I am confident that collectively, with the talent our members bring to this organization, we can fulfill our mission and be women leading to better our communities.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are tax deductible and are an excellent resource for our community service programs and scholarships.  The impact of your donations will be felt by the future leaders whose access to educational opportunities you help to secure, as well as the communities your donations help enhance through our community service programs.

​I look forward to standing hand in hand with "you" and the Pearls of Vision Foundation, Inc. members to provide a vision of hope for our future leaders and the communities we serve.
In Love and Service,
Sonya Johnson Clark, J.D., RP

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Pearls of Vision Board of Directors and Officers

Board of Directors
President - Sonya Johnson Clark
Vice President - Rochelle Jacobs
Treasurer - Stacie Fullwood
Secretary - Tracey Clayton
Financial Secretary - Felicia Furnace Taylor
Member-at-Large - Anita DeMyers-Hatchel
Member-at-Large - Tanya Bryant
Member-at-Large - Tonia Brown
Member-at-Large - Natacha Burke
​​Member-at-Large - Eren Page
Member-at-Large - Aliyah Scott
​Member-at-Large - Lisa Smith
Member-at-Large - Stephanie Thompson
Member-at-Large - Cynthia Brown Williams

Committee Chairmen
Budget & Finance - Stacie Fullwood
Audit - Kwanya Edwards-Booker & Angela Jones
Bylaws - Marilyn Manning & Latoya Jackson
Nominating - Myss Johnson-Jelks
Fundraising - Wanda Potts & LaTonya Thompson
Scholarships - Kenieth Winfrey 
Public Relations - Rachelle Shaw 
Community Outreach - Danika Fanner 
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